Waltz for the Quiet

This is for the quiet ones. Not the shy ones. Not the introverts. But the quiet ones. 

We often overanalyze the people that surrounds us. We categorize. We are often put into categories: the loud ones and the quiet ones. Once we categorize people we set expectations for their behaviour. We put them in some glass castle where we observe them but we don't take the time to hear them. The outset of interaction through comparisons between group members in terms of status characteristics. A status characteristic is any characteristic that is evaluated differentially in the broader society and is associated with either specific or general expectations of competence (Berger et al. 1977; Webster and Foschi 1988)

Unfortunately, we tend to look down to the quiets. We underestimate their needs. We underestimate their interests. We don't let them talk. As we are living in a stage where social media guides the way we interact with others. The members of a society determines their self-worth according to numbers. How much they own. How many followers they have. As social media opened up doors to the world, we have now so many people to compare ourselves to. It's become the norm to evaluate one's worth according to statistics. It's also become the norm to swipe left or to break connections to maintain some social status. But for what? While opinions and abilities, may, at first glance, seems to be quite different things, there is a close functional tie between them (Festinger, 1954). We have become so focused and so obsessed with creating the perfect digital versions of ourselves that we forget to nurture ourselves in the real, three-dimensional world (Tanney, 2015). 

So what's in for the quiets?

The pressure to keep up is greater.

But they are getting wiser. bolder. smarter. fiercer. 

This painting, the second off of the Statuettes collection, focuses on the perception of others. How we see them. How we analyse them. But when we take the time to look deeper, you see their soul. And you'll never see them the same again.

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Waltz for the Quiet - From Statuettes by Createiiv (2018)  36in X 48in - 91.4cm X1 21.9 cm  Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Aerosol, Dry Pastel, Chinese Ink

Waltz for the Quiet - From Statuettes by Createiiv (2018)

36in X 48in - 91.4cm X1 21.9 cm

Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Aerosol, Dry Pastel, Chinese Ink

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