CREATEIIVMAGAZINE VOL.1 [Physical + Digital Bundle]

CREATEIIVMAGAZINE VOL.1 [Physical + Digital Bundle]

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The intent of the #CreateIIVMagazine is to be engaged in the world through an ongoing process of art making in any art form and writing not separate or illustrative of each other but interconnected to create meanings and to make the reader/viewer reflects. This issue explores vulnerability and awakening through the artographic piece,“Quasimodo Reconstructed”, photographed by Rory McLeod with additional paintings by CreateIIV. Every image has a deeper meaning. It has a purpose.

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The CreateIIV Magazine Vol 1.features the “Quasimodo Reconstructed” photoshoot.

This edition includes a physical copy of the magazine. The magazine also comes with 2 exclusive postcards!

When purchasing this item, you automatically get an instant download of the digital version of CreateIIV Magazine Vol 1.

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