Rebel Cover.jpg

This inquiry is about love.

It’s about breaking boundaries between the digital and the physical communities.

It’s about breaking boundaries to explore possibilities. 

This inquiry is about personal learning.

But it’s above all personal.

It’s about knowing who we are as teachers.

It’s about allowing students discover who they are as learners.

And if this makes me a rebel, then here is my cause. 


A brilliant, creative, and daring scholarly work! Rebel with a Cause is an a/r/t/ographic pièce de résistance that compels teachers to examine who they are as teachers and to value the power of allowing students to discover who they are as learners. The text rebels, resists, breaks boundaries, and breaks the rules to challenge readers to see from alternative perspectives. Artful research practices inform processes of practitioner teacher inquiry that are integral to the project’s transformative potential. The author is a living canvas provoking teachers to question their shifting subjectivities, situatedness, mis/interpretations, and multiple im/possibilities to be — ultimately inspiring students to leave their mark, create their beauty, and paint their own learning canvases.